Q: Do you takes cards?

A: Yes. I prefer PayPal or Cash but Cards are accepted if you let me know in advance. Please pay your Make-up artist in cash or Paypal.

Q: What constitutes 'A LOOK' in the session

A: 1 outfit is 'a look'. I don't charge extra if you take off a jacket half way through your look or if you take glasses on/off. 

Q: I am a man...beard or no beard?

A: Well, beards are just everywhere now. The rise of the coffee-sipping, artisan bread-eating Hipster has made them popular again. Come bearded if you like and then shave it off halfway through the session. If you are going to shave during the session then I would recommend just taking the beard down to stubble with clippers and then clean shaving, as the skin needs time to settle down. Bring a good non-greasy moisturising lotion to help the skin.

Q: I am a girl...make up tips?

A: Make Up Rules:

1. Less is more

2. Groom brows – use clear mascara if they are unruly!

3. Use tinted moisturiser or light foundation and conceal any blemishes – set with a light translucent powder

4. Use a blusher or bronzer subtly

5. Keep eyeshadow light and neutral

6. Eyeliner should be used carefully – no retro flicks or waterline liner please!

7. Mascara – 2 coats max top and bottom and use curlers to open the eyes

8. Keep lips matt and natural toned – lipstick is better than gloss

Women -Hair : 

Keep it in it’s natural state – not over styled or diversely coloured if possible. Bring hairspray, bobbles and hair pins with you as well as a make-up brush in case you want an 'up do' halfway through your shoot. If you suffer from fluffy hair use a light serum or hair oil to control the frizz.

Q: I am a man, should I use make-up?

A:  Yes, it helps. If you are regular theatre actor then should have some in your arsenal. If not, please, buy a light powder and brush and bring it to your session. If you naturally have oily skin this will stop it shining in the studio lights! You'd expect make-up when filming so treat this session the same way.

Q: Any pre-session skin advice?

A:  Without sounding like your mother... DON'T drink booze the night before and lay off the (dare I say it?) sun beds! Keep hydrated and start eating well at least a week before the session. My top tips would be to start dosing on Vitamin E and including Omega's, green tea, fruit into your diet - these are all great skin boosters.  If you failed on the above, you can fix the eyes easily with inexpensive eye drops. These can clear up any red eyes and make any late-night antics disappear.

Q: I hate having my photos taken, any help?

A: It is a very strange thing having your headshots or portraits done. You feel exposed and if you're an actor then you're used to playing a character and this can be weird just being asked to be 'yourself'. I like to chat away to my clients and spend at least 10 minutes over tea/coffee, just getting to know them first. Then I goof about and get you to tell stories. If that doesn't work, I might say "Just pretend you're listening to the most thrilling story you've ever heard", or ask you to pretend your Derek Zoolander. Things like that break the ice and help create a good 'engaged' photo. 

Q: I'm a comedian, can I bring costume or props?

A: Absolutely. Bring all your tricks. Anything that sells your stage persona. 

Q: Do you shoot indoors and outdoors?

A: My studio sessions have both lighting set-ups. Daylight is great for the TV and Commercial world and studio light is perfect for the theatrical headshot. I often mix up the two. I aim to give you a nice selection to help you market yourself in the best possible way.

Q: Group bookings - do we get discount?

A: Yes, please email to arrange rate.

Q: When should I book?

A: Usually 2 weeks in advance. I often have other projects on and spend part of my year in Los Angeles, so it's good to be as much in advance as possible. There is often the odd slot available during each week, so don't be afraid to call up two days before if your desperate.

Q: How many photos do I get?

A: In a typical 2 hour session I take between 200-300 images. Next they are edited down to 90-100 'of-the-best' and you then choose your favourites to be retouched. You also receive the final edit in thumbnail format - These are not retouched or for publishing but just for reference. 

Q: What format are my photos saved as?

A: Your photos are saved as High Resolution j-pegs. Everything is saved for you as full frame 8'x12' -  You also receive everything in colour and all files saved at 300dpi. Your full download of the session (not retouched) is saved at 72dpi. If you require TIFF files - then please let me know.

Q: How do I get my photos?

A: All photos come on a download from WETRANSFER or HIGHTAIL

Q: How long does it take to get them?

A: 48hrs for your first set of the initial shoot. Then it's 5 working days for the retouched photos.

Q: Do you recommend where to get my photos printed?

A: Yes - you get a comprehensive PDF when booking a session.

Q: Retouching? How much do you do?

A: I only lightly retouch my photos. Usually cleaning up any minor blemishes (my lenses are VERY sharp) and taking out bags from the eyes. Eyes are slightly whitened and then I add my secret toning ingredient to add my David Price signature style. I don't believe in going crazy as I think you need to be seen to your true likeness. Especially if you're a performer - the producer, director or whoever is employing you needs to see a true likeness otherwise they'll be disappointed when you turn up to audition.